TPA3132D2 - minimum 50 50W class-D amplifier (TPA3116, TPA3118)

On the basis of the TPA3132D2 of Texas instruments, a small 50 50W is amplifier in the pipeline.

Update (09.01.2015): Revision 0 d in operation
Update (06.02.2015): Switch-on delay and emergency shut-down as an option
Update (04.08.2015): Added pictures of the final version at the end of the contribution (Rev. 0 H)

The unit is suitable for the housing DP5050 as well as DP5031 (Dangerous prototypes / Seeedstudio). The former as "amplifier" potentiometer 3.5 mm jack, the latter as a miniature version with input-side pin strips. Potentiometer and input jack can thus be used as remote unit.


AGML battery charger


Pitfalls in the datasheet

The part circuit "MUTE driven by inverted FAULTZ", won't work as shown in the data sheet of the TPA3132D2″.

TPA3132D2 MUTE invertedA properly functioning circuit is described in the data sheet of the TPA3116D2.

TPA3116D2 MUTE invertedFAULTZ "current sinking capability"

The maximum current which FAULTZ "may fall" is not specified in the data sheet. This maximum is 5mA.


It is to note that the circuit by GAIN/SLV, according to data sheet, as shown, is not specified in either case.

SDZ "powerup delay"

The time in which the outputs are "muted" at startup is not also specified. This is 14ms.


Revision 0 d

The boards produced at Elecrow (07.01.2015) arrived and fitted a first test setup. A different picture emerges thermally sound positive. Compared with the MAX9709 is the surface temperature difference with VCC 23V = 30 ° C, absolute 70 ° C are reached (at 20 ° C room temperature), the MAX9709 stays cool with 40 ° C, however. Operating time was measured with terminiertem input no load after 10 minutes. Against the background of the better efficiency (TPA3132D2 94%, MAX9709 86%) or smaller R_on (120mR vs 300mR) this wonder but can with a poorer heat resistance (31 K / W vs. 21 K / W) declared - a tribute to the size.

TPA3132D2 Rev.0D #1

Opposite the MAX9709 is clear, wherein the higher thermal resistance is justified. (8x8mm QFN [64 mm²] vs. 5x5mm QFN [25 mm²])

TPA3132D2 Rev.0D vs. MAX9709

Enclosure packed in a DP5050 building is to:

TPA3132D2 Rev.0D #3

TPA3132D2 Rev.0D #2

AGML battery charger

Revision 0 H

Compared to version 0 d, the Board strength was raised to 1.6 mm, to counteract the Mikrophonieverhalten of MLCC (ceramic capacitors). In addition, an "anti-pop circuit" is integrated, which reliably prevents switching on / off thumps. The system is thermally stable and shows great reserves of power.

TPA3132D2 Rev.0H #11

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  1. Rory says:

    Hi, will these amplifiers be offered for sale? They are a unique solution with an ultra-small footprint.

  2. Rupert says:

    Hi, thanks for the explanations. Where can you buy such an amplifier?

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