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Information on all available ORWO cinema and TV films.

NP spectrogramm 3 0

ORWO Negative Film NP 3

The NP 3 is a very fine-grain recording material of medium sensitivity for outdoor recordings. The remarkable sharpness of contours and the high resolving power offer favorable conditions, e.g. for rear projection recordings. A short drying time is guaranteed by high hardening. To increase the antihalation protection, the...

NP spectrogramm 5 0

ORWO Negative Film NP 5

As a standard material for indoor and outdoor recordings at high sensitivity, the NP 5 is characterized by outstanding image sharpness and low graininess. Thanks to these properties, it particularly meets the requirements that large-scale projection (wide screen, total vision, etc.) places on the recording material...

Spektrogramm NP7 0

ORWO Negative Film NP 7

Highest sensitivity. For current film reports, especially for artificial light in the theater, at meetings, etc., but also for daylight under unfavorable lighting conditions. The base is colored grey. Format 70 mm, 35 mm and 16 mm code no. 84— at 70mm, 35...

Layer structure PC9 0

ORWO Color Positiv-Film PC 9

PC 9 is a multilayer film consisting of three emulsion layers selectively sensitive to green, red and blue light. The two upper emulsion layers are stained with screen dyes to avoid diffusion halos. On the back of the film is a green antihalation layer...

Layer structure PC7 0

ORWO Color Positiv-Film PC 7

PC 7 is a multilayer film consisting of three emulsion layers selectively sensitive to blue, green and red light. A yellow filter dye is embedded in the top layer to shield blue rays from the middle and bottom layers. On...

Layer structure NC1 0

ORWO Color Negative Film NC 1

The ORWOCOLOR negative film NC 1 is a standard material that can be used for artificial and daylight photographs. In artificial light, one works without a filter and for photographs taken in daylight, the ORWO filter K 14 is used to adapt the material to the higher color temperature. The NC...