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TPA3128D2 – 2 x 30/50W Stereo 60/100W Mono Class-D Verstärker

Mit dem TPA3128D2 bringt Texas Instruments einen Nachfolger des TPA3118D2 heraus, welcher die Vorteile von 1SPW und BD Modulation in einem Hybrid-Modus kombiniert. Gleichwohl wurde die Ausgangsstufe überarbeitet (Rds_on = 90mR vs. 120mR) sowie die minimal zulässige Betriebsspannung gesenkt. Bereits...


TPA3221 – 2 x 100W Stereo 200W Mono Class-D Amplifier

With the Texas Instruments TPA3221 brings a descendant of Akita Family out (TPA3251 TPA3255) which integrates prepress and analog voltage generation. It is thus be appropriate to replace the previous "long-running" TPA3118 TPA3116 as well. Other future members of this family (Boxster) are TPA3220, TPA3223 ...,de


TPA3255 – 2 x 325W Stereo 600W Mono Class-D Verstärker

As an extension of the "Akita" family Texas instruments has, due to the TPA3251D2 a "big brother" available - the TPA3255 (HTSSOP44). By adjusting the input voltage range on maximum 53.5V for example, a direct is operating at 10 s Pedelec battery possible. PIN compatibility allows a direct...


TPA3251D2 - 2 x 175W stereo 350W Mono class-D amplifier

In analogy to the TAS family (TAS5630B, TAS5613A, TAS5611A), Texas instruments introduced a new class-d chip amplifier, the TPA3251D2 (HTSSOP44). Specs are: differential analog inputs 2Vrms 90% efficiency (4 ohm) 12-36V power supply 2 x 175W at 4 Ohms BTL (10% THD) 2 x 220W...


TPA3132D2 - minimum 50 50W class-D amplifier (TPA3116, TPA3118)

On the basis of the TPA3132D2 of Texas instruments, a small 50 50W is amplifier in the pipeline. Update (09.01.2015): Revision 0 d in operating update (06.02.2015): switch-on delay and emergency shut-down option Update (04.08.2015): added pictures of the final version at the end of the contribution (Rev...