TPA3255 / TPA3251 / TPA3245 universal - one for all

On the basis of experience and measurements with TPA3251 boards from TPA3251D2 - 2 x 175W stereo 350W Mono class-D amplifier rises the "TPA3245/51/55 - universal" Board for up to 600W (PBTL Mono).


  • 2x BTL (Stereo) 2.0
  • 1x PBTL (Mono) 1.0
  • 1x BTL (Mono) 2x SE (Stereo) 2.1
  • 4x SE 4.0

Mookups/Work in progess

TPA32XX Rev.1 Unbalanced Mookup

TPA32XX Rev.1 Unbalanced Mookup

AGML battery charger

TPA32XX Family Mookup

TPA32XX Family Mookup



TPA32XX Rev.1 #3

TPA32XX Rev.1 #3

TPA32XX Rev.1 #2

TPA32XX Rev.1 #2

TPA32XX Rev.1 #1

TPA32XX Rev.1 #1

Class-D Drosseln

Inductor Comparison Table

Inductor Comparison Table

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8 Responses

  1. Matthew Wielgos says:

    Is it possible to buy a set of PSBs ?

  2. Kevin Bedard says:

    Hello, I appreciate your efforts in great quality support for good amplifier chips instead of simply loading the cheapest options onto your boards, as many in the world do! I would love to buy one of your designs someday.

  3. qz,,bg,10. January 2018,,en,18:47,,en,JWCO LM TH Capacitors – Datasheet (Downloads: 293),,en says:

    Is it possible to buy this amp?

  4. Stefan Walker says:

    what’s your suggestion for selecting “the right” coils for the output filter of the amp?
    in one design you have the coilcraft ver2923 series with flat wires in it. in this version you have coils from würth elektronik in it.
    do you have experience about THD N vs. flat wire or standard wire coils?

    • 360customs says:

      The flat wire inductors tested, performed all better than any other inductors, especially molded ones. I added a comparison table to the blog.

  5. patrick durrance says:

    very very cool.
    i have been looking for a 4 channel purepath amplifier pcb /kit to connect to my freedsp.
    what kind of power supply works well?
    i like to use multiple 2200uf 10000 hour electrolytic capaciator for amplifier power where i can. works well on lm3886.
    would appreciate if you let me know how to buy/make your stuff.

  1. 17. July 2017

    [...] brings the TPA3221 Texas Instruments, integrates a descendant of Akita Family out (TPA3251 TPA3255) which precursor and analog voltage generation. It is therefore suitable under certain circumstances, [...],de

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