30W LED strobe - portable "The Dizzler"

Stroboscope in your Pocket? Bring it! The following "product", the "Dizzler" was resurrected with minimal use of materials.

Were used:

  • 30W LED (warm white, 10s3p 32V 1A 2700 lumens)
  • XL6009 Step-Up (400 kHz 4A)
  • 555 timer PCB with adjustable frequency/duty cycle
  • Inverter for 555 output (transistor 2 resistors)
  • NTC fan controller from ATX power supply
  • Enclosure Hammond 1554E
  • 40x40mm fan (Delta Inc.
  • 30W LED (warm white 10s3p) 32V 1A
  • 3 x 18650 battery holders
  • 3 x Samsung ICR18650-22FM (measured 2030mAh Notebook battery)
  • N 30V-FET IRLR7843 VDS, ID 113A, RDS 3.3mR, QG 33nC

The output of the 555 goes to an NPN transistor (as an inverter), 10 k at base, 1 k 5 between VCC and collector, emitter on Earth. On the collector worn the gate of the FET used as a low-side switch for the LED on the secondary side of the transformer. Converters and LED share a heatsink, Flash rate currently adjustable from 0.5 - 75 Hz. The duty cycle was elected with 0.15, the LED will pulse power fired with approximately 39V, CA 2.8A - should be more than 2700 lumen luminous flux.



AGML battery charger

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4 responses

  1. Russ says:

    Pretty cool. Any possibility to get a schematic for “The Dizzler”?

  2. Stefano Torricini says:

    How can I "The Dizzler" order?

    • 360customs says:

      Not at all because only remains self-made.

      30W LED
      3s 18650 Li-Ion cell holders + cells or 3s LiPopack
      You may

  1. 30 November 2014

    […] […]

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