Igel 3200 LX thin client (WinNet G260 v1. 0) starting problems

Who has got an Igel 3200 LX thin client or identical device (for example, CA9, various HP Neoware) with the motherboard-code "WinNet G260 v1. 0 ', may determine that this wont boot after connecting the power plug. Usually a buzzing noise coming from the area of the power supply can be heard, the frequency of which decreases with time. This process takes 1-2 minutes. In the present equipment is a power supply made by the company "Sunny", model number SYS4047-1. The problem can be fixed by exchanging of at least 2 capacitors.

HEDGEHOG 3200 LX open

HEDGEHOG 3200 LX power supply

C2 need to be exchanged (10uF/25V) and C3 (10uF/50V) against equivalent replacement types. The use of low-Impdance/low-ESR type is obligatory in switch mode power supplies.

HEDGEHOG 3200 LX power supply capacitors

In addition be exchanged can, in case of a too low voltage on the 5V-Schiene, C8, C14, C21 (1000uF/10V) and C12 (470uF/10V).

CAUTION! I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and no liability for damage to property and personal injuries of all kinds. It should be serviced always a sufficient time until the primary charging capacitor to a safe voltage level is unloaded. This is to check if in doubt. Furthermore, it is not uncommon that heat sink/heat sinks in switching power supplies are high potential. The direct contact to the 230 Volt mains voltage can be lethal! AC voltages over 50 volts and DC voltages of 120 volts are life-threatening for people!

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