LTC3784 – 1200W Polyphase Boost Converter

With an input voltage range of 10-50V output side 1200W stand at 50V available wherein the maximum continuous power from the input voltage and the thermal connection is limited. The efficiency at 11V input voltage and output load 750W is better 95%. For call of 1200W are to operate with 10V input voltage currents from 130A.

follow detail information.

LTC3784 - Polyphase Boost #1
LTC3784 – Polyphase Boost #1
LTC3784 - Testaufbau 750W Last Test
LTC3784 - Testaufbau 750W Last Test

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10 responses

  1. It’s possible to receive the schematic diagram ?

  2. DAVIDE says:

    Hi Team,
    I would like to buy your product:
    LTC3784-Polyphase Boost Converter
    How and where can I buy it?
    PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

  3. be95pixy says:

    Could you still provide a blank pcb with a bom? Would be highly interested!

  4. Lukas卢卡斯 says:

    Hey servus,
    is there any further information? I would be particularly interested in the compensation network of the error amplifier, possibly also the loss factors and equipment at the output capacities 😀
    Is there a bode plot?


  5. Dean Schreiber says:

    What MOSFETs did you go with for high-side/low-side, and how are the thermals? I’m designing a an automotive amplifier that uses the TPA3255 and I don’t want to resort to massive heatsinks. My current design is a 12-phase 51V supply with <5mVpp ripple. From what I've calculated, my thermals at a maximum 610W load are about 225mW for each high-side FET for 2.6W thermals in total. I'm thinking this might be overkill. Since you've actually built a prototype (looks like only 4-phase), can you tell me your findings?

  6. vijay Damle says:

    LTC3784 – 1200W Polyphase Boost Converter
    Where can I buy

  7. vijay Damle says:

    Where Can I buy this converter LTC3784 – 1200W Polyphase Boost Converter

  8. Anton Dedikov says:

    Will i be able to power 600w led? I am wondering as i don’t see any heatsink. How is it possible to get one?

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