Transistor Tester/component testers the polymath

Conceived and designed by Markus Disneykrayzie,

Every hobbyist knows well this problem: to build a Transistor from a device or extracting a Pocket from the Junk box. If the designation is to identify (and one is known), so everything is alright. Often is not so, and then the usual going again: type and find the pin assignment of the transistor from the Internet or a book. This sucks of course pretty much indefinitely. Also transistors in the same housing are not always the same pinout. For example, a 2N5551 has a different occupation than a BC547, although both have a TO92 enclosure. When a transistor is no longer recognize the name (or even Google knows what to), it is really complicated to find out the types of transistor with conventional methods: it could be to NPN, PNP, N or P-Channel MOSFET, etc.. Eventually, the device features internally even a protection diode. This makes identification more difficult. Trying by hand is a very time consuming task.

developed by Karl-Heinz Kübbeler,

I have continued the transistor tester project by Markus Frejek and specially developed software. The name component Tester was proposed due to the improved properties. I even see but still the outstanding characteristic of the automatic determination by transistor type and properties, as it was developed by Markus Frejek.

offers numerous useful functions of transistor and component testers for the inclined electronics.

  • Automatic detection of NPN, PNP, N - and P-Channel MOSFET, JFET, diodes, and small-signal thyristor and TRIAC
  • Automatic detection of the pinout of the components - the connection of the elements can be any
  • Measurement of the power amplification factor and the base-emitter voltage for bipolar transistors, including Darling sound transistors
  • Autodetect a protection diode for bipolar transistors and MOSFETs
  • Up to two resistors are measured in a measurement with a resolution of up to 0.1 ohms, where the measuring range to over 50 MOhm
  • Resistance values are displayed under 10 ohms for the ATmega168/328 with ESR method measurement with a resolution of 0.01 ohm
  • A connected capacitor can be measured with regard to 35pF to 100mF with a resolution of up to 1 pF
  • Resistors and capacitors are shown with their symbols, surrounded by the found port PIN numbers
  • The resistor and capacitor values are displayed with up to four decimal places in the right dimension
  • Up to two diodes are also flow direction correctly displayed with their icon view, surrounded by the connector pin numbers and the additional indication of voltage
  • In addition the capacitance value and the flow in the reverse direction is measured at individual diodes
  • A calibration of the zero capacity, of zero resistance and other parameters in the branch of the self test is possible for ATmega168/328
  • For ATmega168/328 also about 0 01mH inductors can up about 20 H are detected and measured
  • An ESR (equivalent series resistance) measurement is integrated for capacitors about 0.18 µF with a resolution of 0.01 ohm for ATmega168/328
  • for ATmega168/328 Vloss voltage loss is investigated for capacitors 5 nF a charging pulse. Thus, the quality of the capacitors can be estimated

The minimum version is a functional building with only 25 components Atmega(8/168/328) display possible. An operation with quartz (8 MHz) is recommended for higher accuracy of the capacity measurement.

Discussions on can be found in the official thread mikrocontroller.NET, current Software and documentation are stored in the SVN. Who do not even want to build / can - there are (effective) Chinese Replicas Versions of eBay/Alibaba. This cost depending on the version between 13 - €30 (as of 12/2013)

"The here shown transistor Tester is based (with some customizations [no automatic shut-off, 8 MHz quartz, Atmega168]) on the layout of"KeinSchnickSchnack“.


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  1. Eberhard Kunz says:

    Where / how can I buy this device here described? MfG. EE. Kunz

  1. 11 December 2013

    […] valuable (and accurate) services. The minimum version can be established simply on Breadboard. Transistor Tester/component testers the polymath - #360customs _ α β γ δ ε ζ η κ λ μ ξ [...]

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