TPA3132D2 - delay and emergency shut-down (anti-pop) - also for TPA3116 / TPA3118

Who delay of 10ms (TPA3132D2, TPA3116D2, TPA3118D2) is not sufficient (E.g. when using large time constants/coupling capacitors) and want to do something against the "" PLoP turn off can help with 2 comparators, and few passive components.

Dual comparator

The circuit operates in the range 10-26V, MUTE is getting delayed on power-on and a rapid shutdown is done via SDZ latching in the absence of operating voltage.

TPA3132D2 Antipop Schematic 1.0The delay time (MUTE high) is set by C29, 1uF ~ 200ms. The operating conditions are shown in the following diagrams:

TPA3132D2 Antipop 20V Power-Cycle

TPA3132D2 Antipop 10V Power-Cycle

TPA3132D2 Antipop 20V FAULTZ Event


Following minimal circuit proved working in practice consisting of resistor & capacitor as the time constant and a diode for fast shut-down.

TPA3132D2 simple anti pop schematic

TPA3132D2 simple anti pop schematic

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9 Responses

  1. Calf Gerhard says:


    I would like to install the circuit and am looking for the Schottky diode which value (type)

  2. rodrigo says:

    I did the procedure and was able to stop the noise when you turn on the card, along with that solved the problem of overcharging when lining the amplifier with high volume it would turn on and off, but I could not eliminate the noise of when you turn it off, that less inconvenient since it is softer. I did not modify or insert any resistor, I just added a 10uf capacitor in the amp amp of the stereo and a 33uf capacitor in the IC of the subwofer. The values are different to avoid that the two connect together and give a possible overhead at the source.

  3. Vladimir says:

    but the nominal of R26 is not written

    • 360customs says:

      Sorry for that, i’d recommend the “R C D” circuit, it is proven to work.

      • Vladimir says:

        Yes, but it is does not avoid a pop after shout dawn

        • 360customs says:

          Did you tested it like shown? It actually works fine here on the TPA3132D2 boards. (Even on a hard shut down/power loss)
          Is SDZ connected to FAULTZ?

          • Alex Shults,,en,15. December 2017,,en,8:58,,en says:

            I have 5.1 Amplifier on 4 TPA3116D2, there’s POP problem on shut-down.
            All mute inputs are linked together .
            Does your schematic will work on it?

            P.S. As i figured out in my amplifier combined mute line connected to 10K resistor (on the ground) and non-polar electrolite 2.2uF (i suppose, to VGDD). But this native solution works crappy :(.

  1. 6 February 2015

    […] Update (09.01.2015): Revision 0 d in operation update (06.02.2015): switch-on delay and emergency shut-down as an option [...]

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