ORWO Color Negative Film NC 1

The ORWOCOLOR negative film NC 1 is a standard material that can be used for artificial and daylight photographs. In artificial light, one works without a filter and for photographs taken in daylight, the ORWO filter K 14 is used to adapt the material to the higher color temperature. The NC 1 is characterized by an elongated course of the 3 color gradation curves, a large exposure range and high sharpness. The NC 1 must be developed to a gradation of 0.55 in order to be able to make optimal copies on the ORWOCOLOR positive films PC 7 and PC 9. In addition, the hardening of this material guarantees a short drying time. An intermediate layer of colloidal silver between the base and the emulsion ensures maximum antihalation protection and thus good image sharpness. The ORWOCOLOR negative film NC 1 is shown below before and after development and after bleaching and fixing.

Layer structure NC1

Layer structure NC1


70mm, 35mm and 16mm
Kenn-Nr. 432


Light marking for all widths:
ORWO S (or ORWO SAFETY or ORWO SECURITY FILM) number of feet, NC 1


Equivalent to that of 16 DIN / 32 ASA black and white negative film (incandescent)

Colour temperature

3200 °K

Lighting type and filter

Incandescent light: Special filters are not required

Daylight: ORWO filter K 14 (to be exposed like 15 DIN / 25 ASA)

The light sources for brightening the shadow must not deviate from the color temperature of the general lighting. Mixed light should be avoided.

darkroom lighting

ORWO darkroom protection filter 170 in connection with a 15 watt lamp at a minimum distance of 100 cm.

Recommended developers


processing sequence

Color development, washing, bleaching, washing, fixing, washing, drying.


As can be seen from the figure below, the NC 1 can be developed to different gamma values ​​within a certain range without changing the parallelism of the 3 gradation curves.

Gradation Plot NC1

Gradation Plot NC1

Source: ORWO cinema and television films III-18-177 Ag 004a/057/64 WP No. 202

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