150W constant current load (60V 10A)-battery capacity Tester

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  1. Look,,es,29. April 2018,,en,17:09,,en says:

    how long is maximum time interval for measuring? Can load count only to 9h59m, or higher?

    I want measure high capacity battery with small current and estimated time is around 40 hours. Can this load measure that long time?

    Thank you!

  2. Peter says:

    I purchased a fake unit and it is absolutely useless. Cost to return it is too expensive .
    Does anyone have a firmware image that I can upload to make it useable.

  3. PETE,,en,29. January 2018,,en,10:54,,en says:

    What evidence do you have? Test results? I have 5 pcs, different supplier, everything fake!!!

    • gpo123,en says:

      Unit is showing the firmware version, PCB version under display, fan is a CoolerMaster brand, shown values are within spec, wattage is calculated from actual values, not from setpoints.

  4. gpo123,en says:

    I received my original electronic load (not a fake one) from KKK-store at aliexpress. Took quite a long time to get to germany though.

  5. This site is a warning to fake manufacturers.
    If there are false producers, how can I recognize a fake product?
    Where can I find a certified vendor?
    Thank you for answer.

  6. In discharging mode, we must disconnect the 12V ACU at a voltage of 10.5V!
    Similarly, the 24V battery must terminate at 21V.
    The manual has no info how to set the voltage 10.5 or 21V.
    The query to seler has no result.
    Can you explain this, please?

  7. Adam says:

    My dummy load seems to work fine except that I cannot get it to show the software version. Worse, the on/off button does not work well. Sometimes when I shut it off, it shorts the load! It says 0.00 A, but my own independent current meter shows a ton of current. I have to hit on/off a few times to get it to fully turn off! Scary stuff. Is mine a fake?

  8. Candid says:

    I bought one of these fakes, unfortunately too although the provider on Aliexpress (store name: Pro powers tools store) clearly the correct version of "ELECTRONIC LOAD V1. 6" including correct description and pictures shows. Send he unfortunately does the fake version.
    Am in the dispute, he thinks everything is i.O., and he even says that he knows that there are two versions. So even worse than if he would sell the fake ignorant. I'm afraid that by now hardly anyone offers the original, will probably be more expensive in the shopping.

    If anyone has a source where you can definitely get the original, I would be very grateful.

    Wanted you here show the images fake/original?
    A help for those affected would be safe.

    The fake is totally out of specs. Already the voltage display is regarding accuracy at 15V factor 13 on specifications, at current, it is much worse.

    In addition, the display shows often utter nonsense. Or from 10A 0.000A will be shown. Unfortunately there is no problem about 10A to come, the device simply not properly recognize that.
    It shows me 30.000W at real 150W. Maximum it can display apparently 99.999W, > = 100W were never shown to me. So complete nonsense.

    I have noticed is, that's performance is apparently from the set (not the measured or actual) power multiplied by calculated with the switch-off voltage setting and not the measured voltage, because the value does not change during operation and stops on this product constant. That is of course complete nonsense and apparently a fat programming error (along with many others).

    The switch-off neither regarding maximum output power works reliably, no wonder if it crap crap. Basically, you can the fake only as donors of part of understand I would never trust on (high-quality) batteries or other equipment.

    I'm curious to see how Aliexpress, the seller will probably not turn I suspect after the first response I have received from him.


  9. Barg says:


    It Is very generouse of you to investigate and publish these details, Thanks for that!

    I searched the right seller from Ebay to buy this Load tester and i wonder if you can send me the seller you bought from this by email?


  10. Does the device automatically shut off when battery capacity test is complete? Does the video even show capacity test? I cannot tell.
    Thank you for the attention, Sir.

  1. 8 July 2017

    [...] Supply: Korad KA3005D power measurement (input side): Voltcraft VC820 voltage measurement (input side): UNI-T UT71C performance measurement (output side): 150W programmable load with Kelvin connection [...]

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