TPA3251D2 – 2 x 175W Stereo 350W Mono Class-D Verstärker

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  1. Audiobits sagt:

    Hi . Can you please tell me how and where where to buy the PCB of 3251? Please reply in my email.

    I’ve been following the progress of your great works since last year.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Ali Cameron sagt:

    I’d like to know more about the pcb price and availability please

  3. Hince sagt:

    Could you please send me email where to buy the PCB?

    Thank you.

  4. Hince sagt:

    Hi. Where to buy the PCB of this amp?

    Thank you.

  5. Hince sagt:

    When is the availability of the complete kit of 3251?

  6. Denis sagt:

    Hello! Can I buy ready-made modules?

  7. Dimitri sagt:

    Nice job !
    I need a pcb, please send me a mail.

  8. Paul sagt:


    I watched the thread about this amp on Diyaudio. It seems awsome.
    I want to buy the pcb. May I have a BOM?


  9. Karel sagt:

    I need buy two mini TPA3251 boards or assembly module. thanks.

  10. Andreas Kåll sagt:

    Love to buy one 🙂

  11. PJ sagt:

    Where can I buy the pcb? do you have a BOM also?

  12. ppy sagt:

    I want to buy too.
    Do you sell only pcb board, or have sets of kit?

  13. Rok Pavlic sagt:

    I am regularly checking your progress on 3251d2 here and on diyaudio and I am amazed by the clinical functionality and aesthethics of your designs. I already own a 3116 and I like its sound for such a small and cheap design. I wonder if there are 3251d2 eagle boards/pcbs and BOM available to try to make one myself or even if a complete kit 10×10 or 6×6 with plexi box can be purchased. That would be great. It just looks awesome!
    Thank you!

  14. shaun moloney sagt:

    also would like to buy pcb what is price and where can i order

  15. Max sagt:

    You said that the small version is still uder testing phase, but what about the bigger one. Can I buy some of those?

    Thank you

  16. Ct sagt:

    Any updates on modules for sale?

  17. Thomas sagt:


    wo kann ich die Dinger bestellen?


  18. Are we talking of a real product or just of a proof of concept?
    It would be a DIY kit or a mounted product?
    Where and when more info on it?

  19. Georch sagt:

    Can you measure the IMD parameter and compare with Maxim part?
    I heard that the audio quality of Class-D amp is dominated by IMD.


  20. jira sagt:

    I want to buy

  21. Ralf sagt:


    ich werde aus Ihrer Website nicht schlau, finde sie aber interessant. Was hat es mit den TPA3251D2 und MAX9708 auf sich?
    Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, evtl. noch besseren Digitalverstärkermodulen, besitze selbst viele davon, derzeit TPA3116.

    Setzen Sie ihre Module zum Musikhören ein?
    Wie klingen sie im Vergleich zu anderen Modulen?
    Gibt es fertige Module zu kaufen?
    Ich bin dankbar für jede Info…

    danke und Gruß

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