TPA3132D2 – Einschaltverzögerung und Schnellabschaltung (Anti-POP) – auch für TPA3116 / TPA3118

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  1. Vladimir sagt:

    but the nominal of R26 is not written

    • 360customs sagt:

      Sorry for that, i’d recommend the “R+C+D” circuit, it is proven to work.

      • Vladimir sagt:

        Yes, but it is does not avoid a pop after shout dawn

        • 360customs sagt:

          Did you tested it like shown? It actually works fine here on the TPA3132D2 boards. (Even on a hard shut down/power loss)
          Is SDZ connected to FAULTZ?

          • Alex Shults sagt:

            I have 5.1 Amplifier on 4 TPA3116D2, there’s POP problem on shut-down.
            All mute inputs are linked together .
            Does your schematic will work on it?

            P.S. As i figured out in my amplifier combined mute line connected to 10K resistor (on the ground) and non-polar electrolite 2.2uF (i suppose, to VGDD). But this native solution works crappy :(.

  1. 6. Februar 2015

    […] Update (09.01.2015): Revision 0D in Betrieb Update (06.02.2015): Einschaltverzögerung und Schnellabschaltung als Option […]

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