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TPA3132D2 - minimum 50 50W class-D amplifier (TPA3116, TPA3118)

On the basis of the TPA3132D2 of Texas instruments, a small 50 50W is amplifier in the pipeline. Update (09.01.2015): Revision 0 d in operating update (06.02.2015): switch-on delay and emergency shut-down option Update (04.08.2015): added pictures of the final version at the end of the contribution (Rev...


18650 battery tank (mobile battery)

There are battery tanks (mobile battery) in different sizes and styles. Equipped with (at least) a lithium ion cell (E.g. 18650) they deliver 5V at output (for.5A). A charging circuit are integrated (CV/CC procedure), a Step-Up Converter as well as a protection circuit against deep discharge. The latter is...


Upper surface roughness of a 250 GB platters

It scans a 250 GB platter with the laser scanner, the following picture emerges. The "Roughness" or amplitude is in the range -0 1µm. However, has dust according to definition a particle size of 2.5 10 µm, thus 25-100 is greater. This is one reason, among others...