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Sanyanke SYK Capacitor 2

Cheap capacitors from China / Taiwan / Asia

Many inexpensive electronic circuits from the far East (mainly China) containing capacitors with unknown or little or no appropriate operating parameters, dubious origin or partly subject to fake / fakes / imitations of well-known brands. Here is a list.


TPA3255 – 2 x 325W Stereo 600W Mono Class-D Verstärker

As an extension of the "Akita" family Texas instruments has, due to the TPA3251D2 a "big brother" available - the TPA3255 (HTSSOP44). By adjusting the input voltage range on maximum 53.5V for example, a direct is operating at 10 s Pedelec battery possible. PIN compatibility allows a direct...


Woofer MHB-12 TSP

Thiele-Small parameters for the NONAME woofer MHB-12, measured and calculated according to a manual Pro 0. 50a7