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ESP8266 – LEDLamp mit FastLED 0

ESP8266 – LEDLamp mit FastLED

I mixed the work of McLighting and Russell with FastLED (FastLED library 3.1.3 as of this writing), the colorjs colorpicker, color spectrums created via FastLED Palette Knife, and some additional strip animations (included in the Arduino Sketch above).   Github-Projekt:...

OpenBuudai – based on OpenHantek 0

OpenBuudai – based on OpenHantek

OpenBuudai basiert auf OpenHantek von Oliver Haag. https://github.com/OpenHantek/openhantek Derzeit unterstützt: SainSmart DDS120  SainSmart DDS140 (untested)  Buudai/Rocktech BM102  Windows, Linux, OSX Github-Projekt: OpenBuudai Github