KiCAD + Elecrow PCB Service

Für den PCB-Service von Elecrow haben sich folgende KiCAD Einstellungen bewährt.

Gerber Export - Drill

Gerber Export – Drill


Gerber Export - Layer

Gerber Export – Layer


Gerber Export - Mask

Gerber Export – Mask

Verschiedene Designparameter und Notizen:


Board Outline: 0.1mm

Via (0.3mm untented): Drill 0.3mm, Size 0.7mm, Soldermask clearance -0.1mm

Plane: 32 Segments/360Grad, Minimum 0.2mm, Clearance 0.2mm

Pad Mask Clearance

Solder paste ratio clearance: -10%

Texts and Drawings

Copper Text Width: 0.15mm

Graphic segment width: 0.2mm

Text Size H/V: 0.8mm (0.6mm Minimum)

Text Module Width: 0.15mm


„Do not tent VIAs“

„Exclude PCB edge layer from other layers“

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