TPA3255 / TPA3251 / TPA3245 Universal – One for all

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  1. qz sagt:

    Is it possible to buy this amp?

  2. Stefan Weilhartner sagt:

    what’s your suggestion for selecting “the right” coils for the output filter of the amp?
    in one design you have the coilcraft ver2923 series with flat wires in it. in this version you have coils from würth elektronik in it.
    do you have experience about THD+N vs. flat wire or standard wire coils?

  3. patrick durrance sagt:

    very very cool.
    i have been looking for a 4 channel purepath amplifier pcb /kit to connect to my freedsp.
    what kind of power supply works well?
    i like to use multiple 2200uf 10000 hour electrolytic capaciator for amplifier power where i can. works well on lm3886.
    would appreciate if you let me know how to buy/make your stuff.

  1. 17. Juli 2017

    […] dem TPA3221 bringt Texas Instruments einen Abkömmling der Akita-Familie heraus (TPA3251 TPA3255), welcher Vorstufe und Analogspannungserzeugung integriert. Er ist damit unter Umständen geeignet, […]

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