Günstige Kondensatoren aus China / Taiwan / Asien

Viele günstige elektronische Schaltungen aus Fernost (meist China) enthalten Kondensatoren mit unbekannten oder wenig bzw. nicht geeigneten Betriebsparametern , sind zweifelhafter Herkunft oder teilweise vorbehaltlich Fälschungen / Fakes / Nachahmungen bekannter Markenprodukte.

Nachfolgend eine Übersicht.


Fuhjyyu  – RVT – SMD

Hersteller: Fuhjyyu Electronic Industrial Co., LTD

Fuhjyyu RVT Capacitor

Fuhjyyu RVT Capacitor

Fuhjyyu Taiwan RVT SMD Capacitors - Datasheet

Chang Huawei Electronic – VT – SMD

Hersteller: Changzhou Huawai Electronic Co.,Ltd

Chang VT Capacitor (Bild: trashcanz)

Chang VT Capacitor (Bild: trashcanz)

Chang Huawei VT SMD Capacitors - Datasheet

DG Cotronic Electronic – UT – SMD

Hersteller: Dong Guan Cotronic Electronic Co., Ltd

Cotronic UT Capacitor

Cotronic UT Capacitor

Cotronic UT SMD Capacitors - Datasheet

Sanyanke – SYK – SMD

Hersteller: Shenzhen City Yan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Sanyanke SYK Capacitor

Sanyanke SYK Capacitor

Sanyanke SYK SMD Capacitors - Datasheet


Hersteller: Jia Wei Cheng Electronics Co., LTD

JWCO LM Capacitor

JWCO LM Capacitor

JWCO LM TH Capacitors - Datasheet


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2 Antworten

  1. Interesting list. Can you please tell us a little how did you determine they are crap?
    Personally I am a bit tired of changing caps in power supplies and I was thinking of getting an ESR meter but maybe you know a better way. Besides the capacity and ESR is there something else to consider?

    • 360customs sagt:

      Capacity and ESR are a good indication when you can compare to genuine parts and have vendor data available. “Fakes” can be found when comparing like venting hole pattern, sleeve color, fonts, geometrical dimension. Not saying, they’re all “fakes” but their are “fakes” around. These mostly fail within the first hours of operating or getting hot/venting.

      If they measure okay/good, it’s up to you if you thrust them in the application intended.

      Regards, Christian

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